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Best Lotions and Creams for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Residents

Lotions and creams nursing homes

When you think of gifting a valuable item to nursing home residents, lotions top the list. Aged people with various ailments reside in nursing homes, and lotions are vital for regular sanitation and hygiene. But how do you choose one? Are there criteria? 

The best lotion for nursing home residents should have moisturizing properties, free from chemicals (including fragrances), itch-free, and have soothing impacts. 

It is wise to gift lotions made exclusively for the aging population with ailments. If you still need some help, this article comes to your rescue with a range of best lotions for different parts of the body. 

Best Lotions for Nursing Home Residents

1: CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (Dry Skin)

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is a body and face moisturizer free from phenoxyethanol and fragrances. Made exclusively for dry skin, it contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and MVE technology meant to retain moisture for a long time. 

Nursing home residents are prone to dryness and acne due to various treatments. Skin protection is often underestimated. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is approved by National Eczema Association and can also be paired with the daily moisturizing lotion. 

What I like about this product is its long-lasting effect with little to no side effects on the skin. While the absorption into your skin is not instant, it is still a wonderful gift to nursing home residents with skin complications. 

A 19 oz moisturizing cream costs $16.89, which is easy for your pocket. 

You can purchase this product and more on amazon here: CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

2: OmNutra OncoEase Oncology Cream (Bruisy/Sore Skin)

OmNutra’s OncoEase Oncology Cream is a blessing in disguise to patients undergoing radiation treatments. Several nursing home residents today undergo radiation therapy and anesthesia as a part of their rehabilitation programs. These radiations turn the skin itchy and increase inflammation. You can change their lives by gifting this fantastic cream. 

There are several reasons to stress this product:

  • 100% organic, vegan, and made exclusively for pain relief
  • It calms nausea and works as an antiseptic. 
  • It moisturizes skin damage caused due to chemotherapy treatments and control aging signs. 

The first thing you should do when you gift a nursing home resident is double-confirm the ingredients’ quality. OmNutra’s OncoEase cream contains jojoba oil, rosemary, thyme, organic aloe vera, calendula extra, and vitamin E to heal skin and moisturize for long periods. 

As soon as you gift, remind the resident to confirm with the physician for application of this cream. 

Otherwise, this great product comes in a jar of 120ml at $21.95. 

You can purchase/review this product on amazon here: OmNutra OncoEase Oncology Cream

3: Ancient Greek Remedy’s Organic Facial & Body Butter (All Rounder)

Ancient Greek Remedy’s Organic Facial & Body Butter is one product you can blindly gift to nursing home residents for its numerous benefits. Several aged people need rejuvenation and activation of skin cells for better blood circulation. This organic butter is a natural product free from petroleum, parabens, alcohol, and preservatives. It fits nicely for normal and dry skin types. 

What I like about this product is its list of ingredients like Vitamin E, sunflower, extra virgin olive oil, organic castor, lavender essential oil, and grapeseed oil. These ingredients help reverse fine lines, crow feet, frown lines, and wrinkles around the body. When older adults are afraid of taking facial treatments, this facial and body butter works like a charm. 

It hydrates the skin and also works towards reviving color after discoloration. Nursing home residents undergo massage therapies to have a better quality of life. In that case, this butter is sufficient as a massage medium. 

A 100ml pack of this pure, deep moisturizer from Ancient Greek Remedy costs $16.99. I’d call it worth every penny for its benefits. Place an order, gift it to residents, and allow them to use it without a second thought! 

Click here to purchase/review the benefits of Ancient Greek Remedy’s Organic Facial & Body Butter

4: Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion (For All Skin Problems)

Gifting several nursing home residents? Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is the best bet. The purpose of this lotion is to provide a soothing experience. This is ideal for residents that have undergone various therapies and need some assistance with rejuvenation. 

The lotion is free from gluten, parabens, fragrances, soy, GMOs, and petroleum products. This therapeutic repair lotion is recommended even when the residents have sensitive skin. 

The primary reason to gift it to nursing home residents is that it is available in two different sizes – 4 Fl Oz and 16 Fl OZ. 

Here are other reasons to choose this product:

  • As the name says, the repair lotion is therapeutic and contains pure macadamia oil that is highly soothing and moisturizes the skin. 
  • Aged people in nursing homes can have damaged skin with depleted oils. This repair lotion is a blessing in replacing these oils and giving back the shine. 
  • Several users in the past reported drops in dryness, irritation, redness, and scaling with the adamia treatment in place. 

A 16 Fl Oz of Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion costs $17.09. If the lotion works, you can also gift them a complete pack of repair lotion, hand cream, and foot cream from Adamia. 

Help nursing home residents regain the lost shine and activate skin function with Adamia’s lotion!

Purchase/review Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion on

5: Hempz Body Moisturizer (Body Lotion)

Looking for that perfect lotion for nursing home residents? Hempz Body Moisturizer comes to your rescue. Hempz Body Moisturizer is a daily herbal moisturizer containing hemp extract and has several benefits like nourishment, anti-aging properties, replenishment, fine line treatment, and hydration. Vitamins C & E are predominant ingredients. Hempz Body Moisturizer is ideal for people with dry skin. 

If you know the background of every nursing home resident, you can choose from the catalog containing various ingredients and purposes. When I decided to gift nursing home residents I knew, I found that there were moisturizers with flavors like coconut & watermelon, green tea & Asian pear, pomegranate, sweet pineapple & honey melon, anti-aging, and triple moisture properties. 

Here are the top reasons to choose this moisturizer:

  • It leaves healthy skin and does not result in side effects. So, you can be sure about the application. 
  • The moisturizer contains natural and organic ingredients, including cucumber, aloe, and shea butter with rich fatty acids. 
  • It repairs flawed skin, which reduces the damage caused by various health treatments. 

The only downside is that you should be cautious about the type of lotion you purchase for them. If you are uncertain, buy the original scent moisturizer. 

A 500mL moisturizer costs $15.78, and this price is relatively low compared to its competitors. 

Click here to purchase or review on amazon: Hempz Body Moisturizer

6: Lindi Skin Body Lotion (Wet Skin)

So you know someone with wet skin who needs a lotion to improve skin? Lindi Skin Body Lotion is perfect for people with dry or wet skin. 

The body lotion combines several hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. If residents have extremely flaky skin due to chemotherapy or radiation, this lotion works well as it is tested by a dermatologist and is also hypoallergenic. 

Here are the top reasons to choose this body lotion:

  • It controls moisture loss by constantly hydrating skin. 
  • It works well for patients that have undergone radiation treatments. 
  • It needs minimal use and offers extraordinary comfort and moisture to the body. 
  • It helps in relieving the regular itchiness. 
  • It is tested for allergies. As a result, it can be applied without a second thought.

The only downside is to avoid using this lotion if residents suffer from other skin problems. A 240ml body lotion costs $29.50. This price is comparatively high, but the benefits are numerous.

Click the following link to purchase or review Lindi Skin Body Lotion on

7: Gold Bond Healing Skin Therapy (Skin Repairs)

Nursing home residents are prone to several skin damages. Is there a solution? Gold Bond Healing Skin Therapy is ideal for treating patients with skin damage and sensitive skin. As the skin gets exposed to various treatments, it develops itchiness and loses nourishment. Not to forget, some skin forms develop allergies. 

Gold Bond Healing Skin Therapy is the perfect solution to fix these skin damages as it contains vitamins A, C, and E. Vitamin E controls the loss of lipids. Vitamin C forms collagen and also develops skin development. Vitamin C controls the development of wrinkles and also improves elasticity. 

Even if young residents are in nursing homes, healing skin therapy aims to help people regain elasticity. The speed of healing is excellent as it contains natural and organic aloe that penetrates up to 10 surface layers to offer that deep effect. 

Here are some more reasons to choose this skin therapy:

  • It is dermatologist-certified. So, it is safe to gift to nursing home residents. 
  • The effects last up to 24 hours, and continued applications soften the skin. 
  • The brand also offers products to rejuvenate the body, heels, and feet. 
  • The thickness of this body lotion is high, reducing the quantity of moisturizer you need each time. 

Remember to explain to nursing home residents the usage of every product. Likewise, every product has a particular purpose. Hence, gifting the right kind of lotion to the resident is critical. Otherwise, it results in unnecessary complications and side effects.  

Lotion stands as an excellent gift to build the untouched, less-cared region of the body, the skin. Hydrating the skin restores moisture and avoids potential issues such as flakes, dryness, and itchiness. 

Click here to purchase or review Gold Bond Healing Skin Therapy on

How To Choose The Best Lotion For Elderly Skin?

The ideal lotion for elderly skin should contain peptides, retinoids, antioxidants, humectants, ceramides, and occlusives. It shouldn’t contain parabens, sulfates, glutens, grease, fragrance, silicone, and GMOs. 

Peptides build natural shine while retinoids promote evenness of skin tone. Antioxidants containing vitamins C and E fix skin damage and nourish the skin. Some lotions contain shea butter or beeswax, which control moisture loss and establish a waxy outer layer. 

According to an article by Today’s Geriatric Medicine, the skin of the elderly is prone to dryness, and nursing home residents undergo low skin cell turnover and limited potential to retain moisture. Whenever they undergo medical treatments, the natural moisture reduces further, and the skin gets thinner than before. 

The ideal solution is to include a lotion that exfoliates, nourishes, and repairs skin. Most importantly, the lotion must retain essential oils to maintain fluid and moisture levels. Dermatologists suggest lotions that contain ammonium lactate as this ingredient functions as a humectant and produces several moisturizing oils. 

While handling nursing home residents, assessing the skin type and applying a small amount of lotion on a test area is essential. Effective products from brands like CeraVe, Cetaphil, Vaseline, and AmLactin 12% moisturize skin levels and eliminate the likelihood of itches, rashes, and dryness in the long run. 

Suppose you understand the skin type; here are the suggestions. 

  • People with sensitive skin should use lotions free from parabens, sulfates, fragrances, dyes, acids, and GMOs. 
  • People with normal skin require water-based body lotion containing cucumber or aloe extracts. 
  • People with dry skin require oil-based lotions containing petroleum jelly. This jelly improves the greasiness of the skin and retains moisture. 
  • People with oily skin require lightweight moisturizers that are easy on the skin and do not leave itchiness or dryness. 

It is tough to find people with oily or normal skin if they undergo medical procedures. 

Final Thoughts

Gifting nursing home residents with things they care less about can create life-changing moments for them. Choosing lotion as a gift idea is appropriate as it addresses a range of skin problems. Perhaps, every resident undergoes various health problems, and a skin issue can be uncommon. 

I have listed the top picks of lotions from my personal experience and dermatologist recommendations. Remember to assess the skin condition of the nursing home resident and then categorize the best based upon the need. 

Working out on the need is ideal as what you gift needs to be used and remain beneficial at the end of the day. Alternatively, you can also stock up the gift basket with multiples of each product listed here so the dermatologist in the nursing home can take a careful call. This is what I did, and it worked perfectly.

Happy gifting!

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