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Here are some highly recommended companies and products. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified. Here is the link to a great company that provides staffing services to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Connecticut. Registered nurses (RN’s), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nurse assistants (CNAs) are ready to work in Connecticut.

Highland Caregivers also has a nonmedical caregiver division with companions and nonmedical caregivers ready to assist you or a family member. They make sure to screen all their staff personally and provide quality care.

Medical Equipment Recommended for Nursing Home or Assisted Living


Welch Allyn 22820 PocketScope Otoscope This easy-to-care for otoscope uses “AA” batteries and is very lightweight. I carry it in my pocket for when I need it.

It doesn’t work as well as an in-office wall-mounted unit, but when rounding in an assisted living facility and/or nursing home, you need something small.

The otoscope uses a halogen light with fiber optics for decent illumination of the tympanic membrane and canal. You get a fairly wide-angle viewing lens. It says there is a sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy, which I personally haven’t used. It comes with a built-in throat illuminator and penlight for added versatility.


3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Cardiology I recently upgraded to this cardiology-grade stethoscope after struggling to hear the lung sounds of my patients. There is often so much going on in the background that I needed a better-quality stethoscope. The one I purchased was a black tube and black chestpiece. I needed the longer 27-inch tubing, but it also comes in shorter lengths, such as 22 inches.

You will like the acoustic performance along with the two-in-one tube design (dual lumen). The two-in-one design helps eliminate noise interference from two external tubes rubbing together.

Blood Pressure Cuff

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Automatic: If you’re looking for a low-cost automatic wrist blood pressure cuff, Amazon sells one. I am not a big fan of automatic cuffs; however, when working on a busy unit and you are pressed for time, they do come in handy.

Here is a large LCD display BP cuff that will measure digital heartbeat rate/pulse. There is a voice alarm and is completely automatic. Like all automatic blood pressure cuffs, it seems to work fairly accurately when the patient is staying still. I still like to use a manual blood pressure cuff.

Manual Blood Pressure Cuff

Labtron Labstar Latex-Free Sphygmomanometer – Manual Blood Pressure Monitor with Adult Cuff – Blue

Here is a straightforward blood pressure cuff in the middle of the price range. You don’t need to spend top dollar to get a quality blood pressure cuff. You need something lightweight, easy to use to get the job done.

Ear Wax Removal

Elephant Ear Washer Economy Bottle System by Doctor Easy

Here is a simple yet effective way to clean your patient’s ears. It is compatible with multiple types of tips. The ear washer uses water to flush ears after examining the ear canal to confirm there isn’t a perforated eardrum.

Compression Stockings for Men and Women

Compression Socks for Women & Men Circulation HLTPRO- 4 Pack for Nurses and medical professionals

Working long hours on your feet in healthcare can lead to its own sets of problems. That’s why many nurses wear compression stockings. The machine-washable stocking help improves circulation. They are comfortable knee-high socks. The compression stockings are medical grade 20-30 mmHg compression that assists with your circulatory system.

You will want to improve blood flow, which helps prevent varicose veins, DVT, and blood clots while maintaining comfort.


Cherokee Scrub Line: One of the most popular scrubs for medical professionals is Cherokee. They are dependable, affordable, and most important…comfortable. If you don’t like these scrubs, has an “amazon Wardrobe” program for multiple brands and great prices.


A comfortable pair of shoes for working long shifts on your feet are worth every penny. The Dansko line of shoes may not be the lowest cost, but they are very comfortable. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Black Waterproof Pull-up Leather Clogs 7.5-8 M US

One of the best sites for shopping for unique style shoes for working in healthcare can be found at Nurse Mates. This site has a full lineup of “align” brand shoes that are comfortable, slip-resistant, and will make your feet happy to wear them.

Nurse Mates Logo

Customer relationship management (CRM) Software for Healthcare companies

Pipelines CRM has everything you need to improve your interactions with customers. Our software works perfectly with the tools you already have, giving you a full picture of your customers, automating sales and marketing, and giving you the best customer service possible. Pipelines CRM is great for businesses of all kinds because it can grow with them and use advanced analytics. Sign up now to improve how you talk to your customers and grow your business. LLC

Supplemental Income

Want to supplement your medical income? Maybe you could try Blogging or Youtube?